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This surgical scalpel is particularly well-suited for technical applications due to its solid stainless steel handle and secure blade locking mechanism. The thin, 0.4- mm-thick blades made of hardened XC100 stainless steel are extremely sharp and cut wood, paper or plastic with little effort. The plastic scalpel handle with an ergonomic shape that ensures a good grip and precise control. The patented locking system allows blades to be replaced easily while ensuring that they sit firmly in the handle. Made in Germany.

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502630Bayha changeable blade N.11
502634Bayha changeable blade N.24
502628Bayha 501 stainless steel handle 13cm
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  • All blade types fit in all types of Bayha handles.
  • Approved locking system - guarantees a solid grip of the blade in the handle.
  • Lateral entering of the blade into the handle.
  • Safe in handling.

Perfect - the approved BAYHA-locking system

  1. Pull the bolt below, the blade is loose.
  2. Put in the blade as indicated above.
  3. Press the bolt in the direction of the arrow, then the blade is fixed.
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