Borciani Bonazzi Flat Squirrel Brush

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Series 201/V: Simple thickness flat tip mottler with squirrel hair, short contoured handle in earth-red lacquered wood with gold tip and stainless steel ferrule. Natural squirrel hair is processed using an ancient technique handed down by furriers, characterised by extreme softness and elasticity. The fineness of the fibre and its flexibility – being associated with a slow and homogeneous release of water – make it ideal for homogeneous applications, precision painting without strokes and large-scale gilding. Series 201/V is characterised by an optimal fullness in the hair and slow release of water, being ideal for diluted techniques and transferring gold leaf onto the surface in Armenian bole, used especially for extensive backgrounds. The short lacquered wooden handle is easy to manage and light, suitable for horizontal surfaces and precision work. The brushstroke is elastic, soft and keeps its shape for a long time, whilst the range of sizes is broad on average. Much appreciated by gilders, watercolour painters and colour professionals. Individually packaged with a protective plastic flat tube.

If used on its narrow side, the line created is long and thin, with excellent retention of thickness, being elastic and resistant even if extremely soft. When pressure is applied, it has the shape of a large rectangle.
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503700 B B Squirrel brush flat 20mm - series 201/V
503701 B B Squirrel brush flat 30mm - serie 201/V