Chinrests Violin and Viola Acura Maestro

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High-quality African Ebony, Rosewood and European Boxwood chinrests with separate graffite-colored Titanium screws. The pattern is over the tailpiece on the Guarneri-style.

Measurements for the violin: Barrel lengh 27mm, Length 138mm, Width 65mm
Measurements for the viola: Barrel lengh 35mm, Length 138mm, Width 65mm
Weight varies depending on the woods

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505217 Acura Maestro Chinrest Violin, Ebony
546468 Acura Maestro Chinrest Violin, Rosewood
505219 Acura Maestro Chinrest Violin, EU Boxwood
546469 Acura Maestro Chinrest Viola, Rosewood
546265 Acura Maestro Chinrest Viola, Boxwood
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