Kiridashi knife blades

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Hand-forged blades made of multi-layered steel have the following advantages:

  • Superior edge-holding capacity
  • Higher attainable sharpness
  • Better sharpenability

Double-bevel knives are for all-purpose use. The blades are hardened along their entire length to approx. 58 RC. We recommend wrapping the handles with a strip of leather, as is traditionally done in Japan, or a wood handle. Length approx. 160 - 180 mm, thickness approx. 2 - 3 mm.
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505669Japanese Kiridashi knife 3mm
505670Japanese Kiridashi knife 6mm
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505671Japanese Kiridashi knife 8mm
505672Japanese Kiridashi knife 10mm
505673Japanese Kiridashi knife 12mm
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505674Japanese Kiridashi knife 15mm
505675Japanese Kiridashi knife 18mm
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