Dozuki Razorsaw 180

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No problem cutting hard wood!

0.3mm thick rip cut saw with EVA grip. Rip cut saws can be used to make cross cuts too. The teeth are for tough work, so you can cut hard materials such as decking material and plastic. They have long metal spline that firmly attaches a blade onto the handle.


For cutting plastic, wood crafts, carpentry work, DIY, making furnitures, sculpturing and musical instruments.


Acrylic resin, Formica laminate, Ebony, Rose wood, Deking material, PVC, General timber, Laminated wood, and Ply wood

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503874Dozuki Razorsaw 180, straight tip
503875Dozuki Razorsaw 180 - replacement blade
Art. No.NameBlade LengthBlade ThicknessCutting WidthTeeth Pitch
503874 RAZORSAW 180 JUSHI 180 mm 0.3 mm 0.52 mm 1.5 mm
503875 Spare blade for