Ekamant Ekafilmv abrasives

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Sheets 70x125mm Velgrip Film

  • Support: Plastic Film
  • Type of abrasive: Aluminium Oxide
  • Coating Open
  • Bonding: Resin over resin
  • Zinc Stearate Treatment

Special product for sanding of varnishes and resins, exceptional for super finishing.

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502570 Ekafilmv P1000, 70x125mm
502571 Ekafilmv P1500, 70x125mm
502574 Ekafilmv P2000, 70x125mm
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EKAFILMV is the product that completes the Ekamant range for surfaces super-finishing. Thanks to the highly flexible and resistant support can work also on the outer edge without damage, and this allows a more accurate machining on the edges. EKAFILMV is available in the range from 80 grit and thanks to its performance and we recommend the use especially in fine grains, for superfinishing. For the complex of its characteristics EKAFILMV can work - even in the presence of water - of even very different materials between them, such as paints, resins, carbon fiber and many metals. Another aspect of great importance is the quality of the package, especially (and it happens almost always) when packaging perforated discs; an imperfect drilling damages the surface. With EKAFILMV this never happens. During processing, the low cutting speed and the rotary movement of the disk cause the clogging by reducing the duration of the same, and making it difficult to obtain a good finish. Thanks to the special open coat the granules and efficacy of anti clogging EKAFILMV treatment has solved these problems thus being one of the best products in the specific sector.