Fish glue/Fischleim (cold glue) granules 100 g

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Fish glue (cold glue) of excellent quality, in granules.

Fish glue is a traditional glue for application on organic materials such as wood.

It has a very high adhesive strength, a long working time, can be reactivated with water, it is non-toxic.

Fish glue is used where strong, but also elastic bonds are required. Suited for gluing veneers, to attach different materials to wood (such as metals, metal foils, tortoiseshells), as glue for textiles and papers, glue for gilding, glue for glass and ceramic.
Properties of the fish glue:

In contrast to other animal glues, which harden on cooling, at the right dilution fish glue remains liquid at room temperature. Threfore, the surfaces does not have to be preheated.

Insoluble in organic solvents.

Like all other animal glues, fish glue is not waterproof. Therefore, the connections can be reverted with warm water, glue residues can easily be romoved with a wet cloth. This protects valuable objects since you do not have to use tools or sanding paper to remove excess glue.

Example on how to use the fish glue:

Mix the solid fish glue with cold water (usually 100 g of fish glue and 700-1000 ml of water). Leave it to swell for 24 hours. The mixture is then heated with occasional stirring in a water bath. The water must never boil, since the glue would lose the adhesive force. The ideal temperature is 50-60 °C. After about 20-30 minutes, the fish glue has completely liquefied and is ready for use. The glue can be diluted with water to get the desired consistency.
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