Glue Pot 0,5 lt with handle

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A glue pot is a useful device to prevent hot glues from cooling down. Since the introduction and increasing use of cold glues, the use of the glue pot has remained a custom mainly of art restorers, luthiers and producers of wooden art objects. A glue pot consists of two containers with handles inserted one into the other in a water bath in which the glue can be gently heated and the working temperature can be kept at an almost constant temperature for a long time. The water level in the external pot must be maintained by refilling it every now and then. To heat the glue pot it is preferable to use an electric stove with a thermostat. For those who prefer not to put the glue in contact with the metal, a glass jar inserted in the upper tank is used which allows a double bain-marie that keeps the temperature of the glue even lower and safe.