Japanese hot glue NIKAWA 100g bag

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This unique animal glue is produced in Japan and has all the best qualities and characteristics for violin-makers. It is perfectly transparent, elastic, easy to use, resistant, natural, safe for the environment and the users, devoid of any harmful additives and chemicals.
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"World’s only" - we have developed cow-hide Nikawa that is completely chemical-free through all the processes, from preparing the hides to extracting Nikawa from them. With the only help of water and sun, our Nikawa craftsman’s professional skills produce the perfectly defatted and deferred cow-hides. That is what our quality WANIKAWA glue is made from. Only 3 kg of precious Nikawa can be extracted from 1 whole Kuroge-Wagyu (Japanese Black Cattle). Try our chemical-free, traditional Nikawa that is uniquely produced by the world’s only technique.

Ingredients of Nikawa- Stick to "completely chemical free" production
It is essential to defat the skin for cow-hide Nikawa making. For the work of repairing and reproduction of precious cultural assets, we must use Nikawa that is superior in quality with no chemical used in the production process. This belief has been driving our research and development for years. And finally, we have succeeded in developing a unique technique to defat Nikawa's primary ingredient, dried cow-hide, without any chemicals such as caustic lime. We then produce our Nikawa products simply with pure water and those “chemical-free dried cow-hides” only. As far as the type of cow-hide is concerned, we’ve chosen Kuroge-Wagyu (Japanese Black Cattle), since they are domestically grown, and are stably available under quality managements. Because we have a perfect understanding of our production processes, including the origin of the raw ingredients, the way Nikawa liquid is extracted, and the exclusive technique to produce the final products, we proudly show all the ingredients on our product labels.

  • Viscosity: 7.0±1.0
  • Jelly Strength:140±20
  • Fat content 1.0~2.0%

Viscosity and Jelly Strength are according to "Quality Standard for Nikawa Animal Glue" by Japanese Industrial Standards.
In order to make measuring and mixing easy, Nikawa is crashed into small beads.

Nikawa is suitable for all wood works and restoration of wooden parts. In the work of repairing/reproduction cultural assets and properties, Nikawa's use can be classified roughly into two applications - as a binder for coloring pigments or as an adhesive for wooden objects. We recommend the concentration of the dissolved Nikawa glue used as an adhesive to be:
Water : Nikawa = 6 : 4 (ratio by weight).

Made in Japan by Amanosan Cultural Heritages Research Institute
This product is sold in a 100 grams bag.
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