JOHA® Water Stain 421 Antique, 250ml

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JOHA® Antique stain 421 - 250ml

Stains # 421 - antique gray-brown are ready-mixed oxidation stain. After application, the color changes under the effect of air and daylight from being colorless to antique gray-brown. This stain are applied exactly as described below. Once the required color has been reached, gently sand with a fine sandpaper and apply 1 coat basic varnish. This prevents further modification of the color. Ideally, one should carry out a test of stain and varnish on the same wood to see what the final result will be, since the colors will vary with different types of wood. This stain particularly draws out timber rings.

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Dyes and sealer
If the instrument in white must have a nice base color, it must be tinted before varnishing. However, because the hardness of the wood can vary, it can unevenly absorb the dye. It is therefore recommended that the wood of the instrument be pre-treated to ensure that the color is pleasantly uniform.

Instructions for the pre-treatment of wood
Dissolve gelatin powder in of warm water at 3% ratio and then heat until the solution is clear and thin. Apply the warm solution evenly with a bristle brush, allow to dry completely and, only if it is necessarely, sand very carefully with a fine paper. The various water stains can now be applied.