Kremer Tung Oil 1L.

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Chinese wood oil

This is oil obtained from the pressure of the tree nuts Tung, 100% pure without additives and additive. Tung oil is an ideal product to treat the wooden surfaces, which gives a brilliant finish, making them the same hard and impermeable. Compared to other vegetable oils such as linseed oil, Tung oil has a drying time of relatively more rapid.

Application of the Tung Oil
The tung oil can be used pure, even if the drying time would be very long, or diluted to 50% with turpentine or Orange Turpentine if you prefer a natural solvent. This will decrease the time needed to complete the drying and the oil acquires a more pleasant odor. Tung oil can be added at a rate of 10-20% flax oil to increase the hardness and reduce drying times.

CAUTION: Materials impregnated with oil may spontaneously combust (auto-oxidation). Burn rags under supervision or dry outspread.


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