Light Wood tube 15W

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A Black light or UV Light is a lamp emitting electromagnetic radiation that is almost exclusively in the soft near ultraviolet range, and emits very little visible light. Ultraviolet radiation itself is invisible to the human eye, but illuminating certain materials with UV radiation prompts the visible effects of fluorescence and phosphorescence. In violin-making Black-light testing is commonly used to verifying the integrity of a varnish or discover retouches not visible to the naked eye. At the same time is very useful to run under control and safe the cleaning of the varnish, "seeing" the areas of dirt and the border with the original varnish to not remove. "Black lights" produce light in the UV range and their spectrum is confined to the longwave UVA region. UVA is considered the safest of the three spectra of UV light.

Length 45 cm

All our fluorescent tubes are shipped safely in solid pvc tubes.

You do not have to look directly with the naked eye at all UV lamps. Please use the protective glasses!

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