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Vallorbe files for bridge and nut notches

The set consists of 4 precision files in which the cut is only on the narrow rounded sides. These files are intended for grooves, e.g. in nuts and bridges of stringed instruments and guitars. All precision files from Glardon Vallorbe in Switzerland are manufactured particularly precisely and have a very high dimensional accuracy. These files have a hardness of 66/67 HRC, harder and more durable than other comparable files. These files have the advantage that the contact surface of the strings is round and with the different file blade thicknesses 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm, it is the ideal set for thicknesses more common than ropes. With this set you have all the dimensions you need for the string groove on the bridge and at the nut. The width of the cut should be chosen so that it is not smaller than the diameter of the rope used, but not too large either.

File thicknesses:
546516 - 0.4mm
546517 - 0.6mm
546518 - 0.8mm
546519 - 1.0mm

  • Cut 2
  • Length of cut 100 mm
  • File width 10 mm
  • Hardness 66/67 HRC (suitable for filing steel and fine machining of wood, aluminum, brass and hard plastics)
  • Quality for professional luthiers
  • Glardon Vallorbe brand
  • Made in Switzerland
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546516 LP1170-4-2 Saddle File 0,4mm
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546517 LP1170-4-2 Saddle File 0,6mm
546518 LP1171-4-2 Saddle File 0,8mm
546519 LP1171-4-2 Saddle File 1,0mm
546540 Violin/Viola Nut files Vallorbe set x 4pcs
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