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Melos Rosin

Melos Rosin

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Melos Rosin

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Melos Rosin
Melos Rosin Melos Rosin Melos Rosin

Melos Rosin

In stock

Starting at: €8.50
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Quick Overview

The three requirements necessary to produce good sound is a high quality instrument, a bow of high quality suitable for the instrument and a great skill and sensitivity. The third point is the following the use of a Rosin of excellent quality. The “Melos” offers a warm and balanced sound with minimal noise both during the staccato and legato. The rosin “Melos” helps the musician to achieve the forte without special effort and the piano with greater ease. The Melos rosin contains no chemicals, and even glucose, sugar, etc..

  • It is especially designed for each specific instrument and for two seasons: dark color - winter / light color - summer
  • It is made from of fine Greek pine resin choicest and it is 100% handcrafted.
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The Products

Today, the high quality rosin solution for all string instruments comes from MELOS Rosin in Greece. MELOS Rosin is a handmade product and the world’s finest rosin as confirmed by the top musicians who use it. It is produced in two different types of rosins "light" & "dark", for violin, viola, cello & bass. The "light" type is used more in high temperatures (spring or summer), for "smooth" playing or for solo in chamber music. The "dark" type is used more in low temperatures (autumn or winter), for full-tone playing, in an orchestra, or for solo great concerts.

Melos Rosin product specifications

  • Does not contain any chemicals (glucose, sugar etc.)
  • Is especially designed for every different instrument (violin, cello & bass), and for two seasons (dark color – winter, light color – summer)
  • Is always fresh (made only upon an order).
  • Is a 100% hand-made.
  • Is made of high quality Greek pine-tree colophony.
  • Is produced by a musician who respects the right hand of his colleagues.

Mix it!
The user can mix different Melos Rosin types for best results and for every occasion.

An article from the ‘STRINGS’ magazine

Have Your Cake…
Melos—maker of all-natural, hand-made rosins—has launched several new products of late, including Melos Viola Rosin in light and dark, and a new line of rosins especially for Baroque instruments: Baroque Violin and Treble Viol, Baroque Viola and Tenor Viol, and Baroque Cello and Bass Viol. Melos founder Christos Sykiotis, a cellist, explains that different strings and sizes of instruments require more- or less-sticky rosin. “For example,” he says, “the violin rosin must be less sticky than the cello rosin. So we have a big palette of rosins from the violin rosin to bass.” The dark rosin for each instrument is stickier than the light version. Different ingredients, proportions of ingredients, and cooking techniques are used to create the desired stickiness for each instrument. Musicians can mix and match for a custom blend. The Baroque versions for each instrument are more sticky than rosin for their modern counterparts. “The gut string sounds not easy as a metallic string,” Sykiotis says. “We shouldn‟t press the bow in order to play. So we need a stickier rosin to play easy. On the other hand, the Baroque violin rosin is less sticky than viola „light‟ rosin.” Melos rosins are made in small batches from Greek pine resin and other natural ingredients.

Top musicians they enjoy Melos Rosin
Emerson String Quartet, Janos Starker, Raphael Walfisch, Steven Isserlis, Jan Vogler, Stephen Clapp, M. Wagner, Simon Fischer, Masako Hirao, Magdalena Rezler, Richard Harwood, Rainer Zipperling Ulrike Anime Mathe, Taras Gabora, Emilio Colon, Erika Raum, Maria Kliegel, Hidemi Suzuki Christoph Poppen, Peter Lissauer, Levon Abartsumian, Judith Glyde, Chiharu Abe, Xenjia Jankovic, Natasha Korsakova, Thomas Demenga, Joan Jeanrenaud, Manrico Padovani, Oleh Krysa, Helmuth Zehetmair, Erno Sebestyen, Miklos Perenyi, Alberni Quartet, New Greek Quartet, Berliner Cellharmoniker, Thomas Kemp, Christian Tetzlaff, Alexander Hülshoff, Patricia Pollet, Adrian Levine, O. Nies, Albert Markov, Yuri Zhislin, Raimo Sariola, Mark Lewis.

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