MH oil colour - Indian Yellow Red Shade 40ml

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This is Indian Yellow with the addition of an Iron Oxide pigment, this same iron based pigment has an incredibly small particle which makes also useful as a wood dye. The Iron Oxide gives a very rich, beautiful, gingery red shade to the blend, as well as greatly accelerating the curing speed, to the point that this paint can be used as a curing agent in mixes with others. Fabulous when mixed with Magenta, Ultramarine Blue and other vivid colours.

Inorganic & Organic

Colour Index PY 83 & PR 101
Drying Speed Fast
Opacity Covering Transparent
Tint Power High
Lightfastness Very Good – Excellent
Oil Content Linseed Oil, High
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236
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