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The Pégas® SCROLL BAND SAW is a global innovation which works with the finest and most precise saw blades that have ever been made. This unique development is dedicated to both hobbyists and professional users in the woodworking industry. The heart of the machine is a specially developed roller guide system that is perfectly adapted to the Pégas fine-cutting saw blades. The guide consists of one roll bearing above and one roll bearing below the machine table that contains a guiding groove which is adapted to the respective fine-cutting saw blade. The extremely slender fine-cut saw blade with a width of only 1.02 to 3 mm is guided perfectly without any twisting, enabling even the finest cuts with complicated shapes and the narrowest radius of less than 2 mm. The special tooth design avoids vibrations completely and provides for a high cutting performance with an incredible smooth finish of the edges. For soft and hardwood with a thickness of up to 150 mm.

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502404Pegas scroll band saw, 4 short legs for stand 30cm
502407Pegas scroll band saw, Ball Bearing for blade #5, pair (2 pieces)
502408Pegas scroll band saw, Ball Bearing for blade #7, pair (2 pieces)
511289Pegas scroll band saw, Ball Bearing for blade #9, pair (2 pieces)
502409Pegas scroll band saw, Ball Bearing for blade #11 & #12, pair (2 pieces)
502410Pegas scroll band saw, Ball Bearing for blade #14, pair (2 pieces)
502395Pegas scroll band saw, blade 5
502396Pegas scroll band saw, blade 7
502397Pegas scroll band saw, blade 9
502398Pegas scroll band saw, blade 11
502394Pegas scroll band saw
502399Pegas scroll band saw, blade 12
502400Pegas scroll band saw, blade 14


  • Cast-iron frame for higher longevity and stability.
  • Balanced Aluminium wheels to avoid vibrations.
  • 2 speeds.
  • Blade protection guard.
  • The Safety Switch System prevents machine operation when the doors are open and interrupts the machine if the doors are opened during operation. 
  • The cast-iron table, with a 40° tilting capability, is coated with wear-proof and release coating.
  • The suction system is placed directly under the work table in order to achieve optimal efficiency.
  • The equipment has been certified CE by TÜV Rheinland.


The Pégas® guiding system is required whilst using Pégas® scroll bandsaw blades. The blade will be guided accurately for high-performance, sustainable sawing results. The top and bottom guides consist of a CNC-machined aluminium block and a special ball-bearing guide, featuring grooves along which the blade is guided above and beneath the table. Such high precision guiding allows for the sawing of very complex shapes, curves and radiuses. The ball-bearings (92.000-U) delivered with the machine feature two grooves of different dimensions, one being appropriate for blade #9, and the other for blade #12.

Other ball-bearings are offered optionally for optimal guiding of the various Pégas® Scroll Bandsaw blades:

  • 92.000-U Universal ball-bearing (delivered with the machine)
  • 92.000-5 Ball-bearing for no. 5 blades.
  • 92.000-7/9 Ball-bearing for no. 7 and 9 blades.
  • 92.000-11/12 Ball-bearing for no. 11 and 12 blades.
  • 92.000-14 Ball-bearing for no. 14 blades.



  • 1x blade #9 + 1x blade #12
  • Top and bottom Pégas® Precision blade guides, including appropriate ball-bearings for #9 and #12 blades
  • 1 stand of 580mm in height and a base dimension of 525 x 575mm
  • LED light
  • Instruction manual in 4 languages D/F/GB/SP


The blades are manufactured using the best available steel in the world. These unique blades have been processed using current state of the art technology. Our 50 years of experience acquired in precision blade manufacturing allow us to offer an innovative, accomplished product, the performance of which exceeds the expectations of even the most demanding users. The Pégas® tooth blades’ geometry has been carefully studied in order to completely eliminate vibrations during the cutting process. The subsequent results are incredible: such efficient and accurate cutting produces a high-quality finish, for hard and soft wood, with thickness up to 150mm. These precision blades allow for very tight curves to be cut risk-free with radiuses below 2mm. The various blade dimensions are able to meet all needs regardless of the wood species, width and complexity of the items to be sawn.