POLYSAND® In Stripes, Various Grit

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Sold in strips 1/2 meter long and 15.3cm wide

Polysand® is internationally known for its unique ability to restore scratches and damaged plastic surfaces to their original surface luster.

Polysand® also restores hardwood, cultured marble, precious metals, brass, aluminum, acrylic furniture, signs, painted or resinous surfaces and much more!

Polysand® is a finesse abrasive designed specifically for surface enhancement.

Take scratches out of almost anything you can put scratches into.

Polysand® has so many uses! Try it - You will love it!


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It is virtually impossible to list them all, but here are some of the many ways Polysand has proved invaluable:

Aircraft and Marine Craft

Windshields, windows, and canopies, Helicopter bubbles, Glider canopies, Instrument panels, Brass, Stainless, Varnish and acrylics.


Boat hulls, shower stalls, Jacuzzis, Snowmobile Windshields, Mobile Home and Van Acrylic Windows, Safety Shields, Formica Table and Counter Tops, Displays and Signs, Models- Industrial and Hobbyists, Auto acrylic and painted surface.


Furniture, Picture Frames, Lacquered, Resinous, Epoxied or Acrylic painted surfaces, Fine furniture, Musical instruments such as Violins, Cellos, Guitars and more, Decoupage – arts n’ crafts.


Removes Tarnish and Polishes: Brass lamps, doorknobs, desk handles, Chrome, Aluminum – patio and lawn furniture, Auto bodies, Printed circuit boards – removes oxidation, Precious Metals – Polishes Gold and Silver Jewelry.

Sporting Goods & Hobbies

Golf Clubs, Pool Cues, Skis, Tennis Racquets – wooden & aluminum, Racquetball Racquets, Bicycles.

And much more

Plastic Artworks, Watch Crystals, Plastic Cases – Calculator, computer, Photographic Lenses and Equipment (Acrylic), Cultured Marble Surfaces, Gems & Precious Stones – if it will dull with wear, Polysand will restore it to its original luster.

Polysand is not intended for glass, aggressive removal of any kind, or textured surfaces.