Poster Stradivari violin, "Benecke" 1694

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A masterpiece from Stradivari’s ‘Long Pattern’ era, the 1694 ‘Benecke’ remains in an almost pristine state of preservation. It was named for its owner Paul Benecke, a friend of Mendelssohn, and was greatly admired by the Hills, who called it ‘probably the finest of the Long Pattern that we know of’. As well as containing full measurements, this poster includes micro-CT scans, thickness and arching maps, and all the information luthiers need to make their own copy.

‘In contrast with the earlier production of Stradivari, the refined aesthetic of the ‘Benecke’… communicates a sense of fluidity and softness… which was a primary source of inspiration for other Italian makers working at the beginning of the 20th century, particularly in Milan’ – Andrea Zanrè in the July 2020 edition.