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Bender cello endpins

Bender cello endpins

Starting at: €115.00

(In stock)

Bender cello endpins

In stock

Bender cello endpins
Bender cello endpins Bender cello endpins Bender cello endpins Bender cello endpins

Bender cello endpins

In stock

Starting at: €115.00
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Quick Overview

The BENDER end pin was developed by Klaus Bender, a passionate cellist and engineer. As an experienced player he is familiar with the short comings of the end pin and has thought a great deal about its function and sound and how to improve it. With the Bender endpin the instrument sounds brighter and louder and response easier.

Try it and listen to the difference! This endpin will improve your sound!

The KLAUS BENDER endpin assembly with carbon fiber tube is superlight (only 135 grams!), but that’s not the only advantage: This endpin also provides superior sound!

Klaus Bender has designed a unique endpiece to hold the high-tech carbon endpin. It is made of aluminum, and it’s screwed into the cello instead of just push fitted. Thus the contact between cello and endpin is much tighter than with regular wooden or plastic endpieces.

The endpin is clamped with a non-slip collet nut., which makes for comfortable loosening and tightening.

The KLAUS BENDER endpin with carbon tube offers a rich, warm sound.

When ordering, please tell us the matching mounting diameter for your specific instrument: 23.5 mm, 25 mm, 26.5 mm or 28 mm.

Sku Product Name Price Qty
501998 Bender cello endpin Ø 23,5mm
501001 Bender cello endpin Ø 25,0mm
501996 Bender cello endpin Ø 26,5mm
501997 Bender cello endpin Ø 28,0mm


  • The cone of the end pin has a fine thread, with which it can be fitted into the saddle. Advantage: This improves the oscillation of the end pin allowing perfect sound transfer.
  • The innovative cone screw can be fitted well even with sweaty hands. Its inventor is no stranger to stage fright.
  • The cone screw connection and the sound conducting carbon fibre pipe ensure that the rostrum, on which the cellist is sitting, really vibrates!
  • A cork inside prevents rattling, the high-grade steel point is exchangeable.
  • The BENDER end pin is available in tap widths 23.5mm, 25mm, 26.5mm, 28mm. The tap corresponds to standardized drilling tools.
  • The carbonfibre rod is 600mm long and 10mm in diameter.

Customers Reviews

Product Rating 5.00
average rating from 4 reviews
  • Fantastic By Josh, Wednesday, 15 July 2020

    Cremona Tools makes high quality end pins for the lowest price available. They have the fastest shipping around. I am very pleased with the high quality of the product and the extremely quick shipping. I would definitely buy again from Cremona Tools.

  • It fitted perfect in my cello. By Anders, Wednesday, 20 November 2019

    It fitted perfect in my cello. Problems with delivery though but I got it at last. Solid and good quality. You have to turn it a little more to release the pin. Easy to try other pins in this one if you have. 10 mm.

  • Very fine, light, firm, easy to controll.

  • Great By Erli, Monday, 4 February 2019

    Great product and very fast delivery. I am very happy with Cremona Tools

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