Righetti cello carbon endpins

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The continuous contact with the musicians and the needs analysis have allowed us to develop a new concept of tip. The carbon fiber is very lightweight and durable and greatly making it acoustically favorable. Particular attention has been paid in the realization of the tips that resting on the ground undergo wear from use. But after a while the practice is to have recourse to the sharpening and the sharpening, usually made by luthiers, have the disadvantage of damaging the layer of heat-treated steel leaving the untreated steel tip with the result of significantly accelerate the speed of wear and reduce the resistance of sharpening itself. For this we have developed a tip model that allows everybody to directly replace without having to go to the luthier for sharpening and/or change the tip. The endpins are provided with a replacement tip with very inclined pin to have an orthogonal contact respect to the supporting surface to ensure a greater stability. The tips are produced with a particular tungsten steel that allows to reach a hardness of 64 Rockwell, which ensures adhesion to any soil and a greater duration of the sharpening.

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501620cello endpin with carbon fiber rod, cone Ø 27 mm
501005cello endpin with carbon fiber rod, cone Ø 25 mm
504091cello endpin with carbon fiber rod, replacement straight tips
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  • Cone in nylon reinforced with molybdenum disulfide
  • Three different sizes: 25 mm, 27 mm and 30 mm.
  • Unidirectional carbon rod
  • Rod diameter: 10mm
  • Rod length: 60 cm
  • Tip hardened steel K100
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