Stradpet Titanium Cello Endpins With Titanium Rod, Black Finishing

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The acoustic properties of titanium alloy have been increasingly recognized by the music market. The conduction velocity of sound wave is 6070 m/s in titanium alloy while in the synthetic materials is only 920 m/s. Therefore in the titanium alloy the sound speed is at least six times faster than it is in synthetic materials, so high-speed sound transmission will make the violoncello-body vibration more fully, significantly improved sound quality, better sound clarity, volume increases, rapid response, better sensitive and rich tone. These titanium endpins can fully meet the musicians to pursuit of better sound quality!


Item: Titanium End Button and Lock Cylinder for Cello

Color: Black

Size: Diameters 24.5 - 26.5 mm

Rod Ø: 10mm Solid Core Titanium

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546187Titanium cello endpin Ø 24.5mm, Black
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503496Titanium cello endpin Ø 26.5mm, Black