Sleeveless sanding drums

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Mounted vertically in a drill press or drill stand, with the addition of some simple woodwork, they make an excellent bobbin sander. Alternatively, they can be mounted onto the end of a small motor or in the lathe, making an excellent contour sander for endless applications. The bobbins require a 75mm wide abrasive strip, which is held and tensioned in place with an elliptical locking key. Available in three sizes: 25 x 75mm, 50 x 75mm and 63 x 75mm. Supplied with a 120g loading and a choice of two supplied spindle adaptors (held in place with a grub screw). These may be withdrawn leaving a 12.7mm(1/2") hole suitable for mounting onto the spindle shaft of most small 230V motors.

N.B. Maximum rotational speed is 1,500rpm


  • Individual sleeveless sanding drums in three sizes
  • Suitable for vertical mounting in drill press or drill stand
  • Can also be mounted on the lathe producing an excellent contour sander
  • Usable with 75mm wide abrasive strip
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