Spirit burner 18/10 stainless steel

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1. This burner is made of stainless steel and has a spirit volume of 150ml. To fill the burner, it is necessary to open the top screw (2) (Turn left to open, turn right to close).
2. After filling and closing the burner, it is necessary to rotate the wick (1) from the burner by about 5mm (3). (Turn right for higher wick position, turn left for lower wick position).
3. The wick will absorb the spirit (1), and once soaked, you can light the wick. After the wick is lit, you can adjust the flame height to the desired position (3).
4. To extinguish the flame after use, please use the cover (4) to cover and extinguish the flame.
5. Please refer to all the details in the attached drawing.
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Alcohol burners should only be used and ignited in a horizontal position. In general, alcohol burners, kerosene lamps, and other liquid fuel burners should never be tilted. If the burner is used after being tilted, even after a slight movement, the fuel can leak through the pressure compensation hole, even if there is still residual volume in the burner. The leaked liquid evaporates completely only after approximately 2-3 minutes. If the wick is lit during this period, there is a risk of alcohol remaining in the burner causing a deflagration.