The Alpine Mute, Menuhin Style Shield Violin/Viola

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The search for the perfect mute is over!

We are delighted to offer a Menuhin Type Violin/Viola Shield Mute for the first time in over 20 years. Professionals, amateurs, and students alike have been looking for replacements for the much loved original for some time. The Alpine Mute Co Menuhin Style Shield Violin and Viola mutes are designed to create the warmest sound possible. The professional's brass insert further accentuates the warm quality of sound. The mute does not rattle in general playing use and moves on and off the bridge without undue noise. They have been extensively tested to ensure the best quality and sound. This mute is a perfect fit for both Violin and Viola.

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502011 The Alpine Mute, Menuhin Style Shield Violin/Viola, white

What our customers say

"The Professional model from The Alpine Mute Co is my mute of choice because of the warm, glowing muted sounds it produces on my Stradivarius violin. Practically it moves silently on and off the bridge and doesn't rattle which is an essential part of performance!"

"I love my Professional model, it really mutes my Grancino viola but doesn't change the sound character. A great mute!"

"I use the Artist model on my viola in the university symphony orchestra. It doesn't rattle, so I don't have to take it off and risk losing it after every rehearsal. I think it sounds great too!"

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