Tormek Honing Compound PA-70

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PA-70 Honing Compound is used together with Tormek leather honing wheels. The unique qualities of the leather in combination with the honing compound effectively remove the burr that occur during sharpening without damaging the edge. At the same time, the honing compound also polishes the bevel to its final finish.

The honing compound contains a combination of micro abrasives and polishing components (average grain size 3 micron).

One application lasts for about 5–10 tools. Work the honing compound into the leather. The leather honing wheel will become saturated and more efficient the more you use it.

When you have a new honing wheel, impregnate it first with a light machine oil so that it gets the right texture and can absorb the honing compound.

If you work in a dry climate, you might need to re-impregnate the honing wheel after some time with a few drops of oil before you apply fresh honing compound. Do not let the compound dry, apply more oil if necessary.
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Why PA-70 Honing Compound?

  • Used with all Tormek leather honing wheels.
  • Gives a fine, polished finish.
  • Average grit 3 microns.
  • Moisturizes the leather of the leather honing wheel.
  • Contains 70 g (0.15 lb) of honing compound.

Achieve your best honing

PA-70 Honing Compound consists of a combination of microabrasives and polishing components, and has an average grit of 3 microns. For best results, always use honing compound when honing on a leather honing wheel. One application is enough for 5 to 10 tools. The leather becomes softer and more effective every time you use the honing compound. And your tools will be sharper than ever.

How to use PA-70 Honing Compound

Apply a thin string of PA-70 Honing Compound to the leather honing wheel before starting the machine. Turn the honing wheel by hand. Start the machine and distribute the honing compound by lightly pressing the tool against the wheel. Allow the paste to penetrate the leather.

When you have a new leather honing wheel, saturate it with the light machine oil included first to give it the right texture and make it capable of absorbing the honing compound. If you work in a dry climate, after a while you might need to impregnate the honing wheel again with a few drops of oil before using the honing compound. Don't let the honing compound dry out on the leather honing wheel, apply more oil if needed.