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Users guide

In this section we present some details of the site and let you know about some of the possibilities you have paging through them.

Let's start from the " homepage" from the top

The gray bar at the end contains the links to the pages of the presentation of the company, contact form and all contractual and legal information. There is also the link to subscribe to our periodic newsletter to stay informed about new articles, courses, events or offers.

The light gray keys just below on the right are your keys to management after having logged -in.

The keys burgundy indicate the sections where the site is divided and which contains items grouped by relevance. Obviously, many items can have multiple uses or be useful in different processes and therefore it is possible that you can find an article in a section other than the one to which you would have thought.

The black key is the direct link to our Blog where you can always find interesting speeches on various topics that interest us.

Found in the gray bar just below the search box that helps you to more easily find the item you are interested, either by typing its name or by entering the product code.

On the right for convenience is the range of currencies where you can choose another currency with which to view prices. The rates are updated regularly but have only an indicative function and are not necessarily the current rate of exchange at the time of viewing. If you want to have other currencies in this field, you can request it and we will put them.

Just below you will find the two dynamic fields of which the one on the left shows the items on offer and the news on the right.

Below you will find at every opening of the site six products are always different to give you the opportunity to discover from time to time the wide range of our catalog.

Now for the vertical bar on the right.
At the top there are two camps of "service " to you useful during the purchase or selection of products. The cart will show the number of items in your cart, and the last three selected. Clicking on " (number) article" will go directly to your cart for verification at any time.

The "Compare Products" is very useful when you want to compare items to assess differences or price.

Below you will find our telephone numbers and then you have a number of active keys that will open the pages dedicated to the subject indicated. In particular, we point out the "Media" where you can find a lot of interesting things.

In the bottom of the bar you will find the link to Emergency where we devote each year a percentage of revenues. If you do not know them we invite you to visit their website and possibly to support their causes.

In the gray bar at the bottom you will find all our contact details and tax information.

Let us now turn to Categories
The site is divided into different sections that make up the main categories of products and items that contain grouped by relevance . Obviously, many items can have multiple uses or be useful in different processes and therefore it is possible that you can find an article in a section from that to which you would have thought .
Entering into a category you can find "subcategories" that possibly comply with the principle of relevance. By the same principle, you can find other subcategories within them regrouping Articles more consistent use, brand or features. In the right bar you will find "Filter products" that shows you how many products are in each subcategory and which are clickable links.
Eventually you will see items that you can view both as Grid View (default) and as a List, sort them by price or location or name and choose how you want to display per page.
At this point you can add the product directly to the cart, or click "Add to Wishlist", or "compare" or clicking on the photo to enter the product page .
If you entered the data sheet you will find pictures and descriptions of the product and other options such as "Email to a Friend" and "Be the first to review this product"
Another feature we care particularly in the form of the product is "Found a lower price? Let us know". We invite you to use it whenever you find a competitive price, because although we can't match every price reported, we'll use your feedback to ensure that our prices remain competitive.
Among the data sheet and the field SEARCH you find the navigation menu that tells you where ever you are and you can use it to go back or move more easily within the category.
The item page can be enriched with video or documentary material on the characteristics or use.
Of course, you also see the price of the product. As this site intended for professionals, we have reserved prices for companies and professionals. For private customers we reserved competitive prices and discounts reserved for them. With your registration you will get the best price reserved for you. We recall that at the time of registration is required to provide truthful information. Cremona Tools can verify the authenticity of your choice of the client group and edit it or delete it.
Under the price (or for the products grouped, at side) you will find the words "Available/Currently unavailable" to indicate the availability of the product at the time of purchase.
Some products (such as gouges and chisels) are made available in tabs grouped for easy selection and why they are all variations of the same article.
In the field of quantity you can indicate the quantity you need. For some products, such as resins, the field already contains the minimum amount affordable and in some cases, the purchase may be made only in multiples as indicated in the product description.

As much as possible we try to provide very detailed and clear pictures. The standard size is 700x700 pixels, but can also be smaller or larger. The image window is extendable by clicking on the image. In this way the image enlarges at the original size. To return to the small size just click on again.
NB: the visual representation of the products on the Website, if available, usually corresponds to the photographic image of the same products and has the sole purpose of presenting them to the sale, without any warranty or commitment on the part of Cremona Tools about the exact correspondence between the image shown on the website with the actual product and what in particular with regard to its actual size and/or color of the covers aspects and/or packages. In particular at the articles of wood, the photographic image has the sole purpose of presenting the product and there can be no assurance as to the exact correspondence of the image shown and the item you will receive with respect to its size and/or aspects of color and grain of the wood and finishes. Having natural finishes, the color of the wood may be different in color, tone, intensity and gradation. The colors can be different, because the various displays can show you the original colors differently.

Register and create a personal account it is a very simple and fast operation. There are few data required for the first time but with the first order you will have to fill in all the mandatory fields to allow the shipment. With your personal account you can manage all your personal information such as billing address, shipping address and password, and have the previous order history and save the cart to continue with your purchase at any time.

After Log-in
Once you make the recording from the dashboard of your account you have the ability to see a snapshot of recent activity in your account and update your account information. Select a link to view or edit the information.

The cart will show you the items you purchased. From here you can change the quantity, remove them, or move them to Wishlist ticking the checkbox and clicking on update cart. If you have a coupon you can get a discount by entering the code in the appropriate field. You can also get a quote for shipping before you go to the checkout. When you have checked everything click buy out to go to the checkout. If you have multiple addresses stored in your account before you click on "Checkout with multiple addresses" to select the delivery address.
In the order checkout page you can choose the shipping method, payment method, and modify or add a shipping address. Before the end of the order we encourage you to read the rules on the right of withdrawal. All of the steps they can also handle account management by gray buttons at the top above categories. On the last page of the payment, at the bottom, you have a field "Communications for delivery" to communicate information and shipping preferences (days, times, names on the intercom etc.).

We are grateful to report any information that you did not find here enter and feel useful.