Grandi Liutai italiani

For over 15 years Grandi Liutai Italiani have perfected the art of choosing, cutting and seasoning wood, in particular the maple from Bosnia. The work and suggestions of many violinists have modified the production with a completely innovative approach to the bridges. Passion in work and strict quality control procedures in GLI have led to the creation of bridges that are highly appreciated by restorers and professional violin makers. The GLI bridges have precise cut, harmonious curves and the thicknesses of the top and feet are generously proportioned to give maximum freedom. The bridge is a combination of different elements that contribute to create a perfect transmission of the sound from the strings to the violin. All good violin makers know how to cut the shape of the bridge to emphasize the quality of the instruments, but also it can work perfectly only if the wood is very hard. We have noticed that by increasing the rigidity with our personal treatment, the carved parts should only be applied to reduce weight. For this reason we decided to treat wood to increase its strength and density and let the luthier create his ideal lines more freely.

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