Watercolor, 100% natural

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The first box of watercolors in godet, professional handcrafted in limited numbers with 100% natural raw materials.

It consists of 6 colors including five from vegetable and one animal:

  • red lacquer madder
  • cochineal red
  • yellow lacquer mignonette
  • indigo blue
  • brown walnut
  • black coal

The gore are contained in trays of handmade ceramic, interchangeable and sold separately.

Bearing book with the story of the individual colors.

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501458 Box of plant watercolors in honey


The colors have a high degree of transparency, making them suitable for thin glazes, typical only of natural organic dyes. The colors are composed of pigments very light and extremely refined, some of which produce effects of light granulation on paper. These colors were chosen for their historical importance and have given good results of stability. Natural dyes, impure, soft, dynamic, rich in reflections, they keep alive the bond with the raw material, the climate and the land in which they are born. The dye is extracted in the form of lacquer according to ancient medieval recipes and ground with gum arabic and honey. Each watercolor weighs about 4g, and the brown color, almost black of the watercolor solidified pasta in the godet is indicative of the natural transparency of the pigment.