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Some videos and links about the damage caused by illegal activity in Madagascar and other countries.

Musikinstrumente aus bedrohtem Ebenholz-Bestand (German)
Die Hauptabnehmer für Ebenholz sind auch in der Schweiz die Musikinstrumenten-Bauer. Aufgrund des Raubbaus sind die Bestände bereits so stark bedroht, dass die Suche nach alternativen Hölzern und Materialien auf Hochtouren läuft.

Das grosse Geschäft mit illegalem Tropenholz (German)
Holzfäller plündern ungehindert die wertvollsten Tropenhölzer auf Madagaskar für den Export. Schätzungen zufolge werden pro Jahr Edelhölzer im Wert von über 200 Millionen Franken allein im Masoala Regenwald illegal geschlagen. «Einstein» begleitet den Kurator des Zürcher Zoos nach Afrika und zeigt die Folgen des Raubbaus.

First hand field and undercover footage from Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) shows the illegal logging crisis that hit Madagascar's national parks since early 2009, and how the illegal wood is turned into luxury furniture and other goods in China, Europe and the US. Please see EIA and Global Witness's October 2010 report, "Investigation into Global Trade in Malagasy Precious Woods: Rosewood, Ebony, and Pallisander", for more details. Also see EIA and Global Witness's November 2009 report, "investigation into the illegal felling, transport and export of precious wood in SAVA Region, Madagascar." Available at both organizations' websites.

Footage Courtesy of Toby Smith/EIA/GW

In May 2008, the United States Congress passed landmark legislation to address the U.S. market's role in the global illegal logging crisis, becoming the first country in the world to ban the import of illegally harvested wood and wood products. The Lacey Act, passed in 1900, is one of the United States' primary tools for prohibiting interstate and international trafficking in protected wildlife species. The Act is enforced primarily by the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Department of Agriculture's Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and U.S. customs. The Lacey Act's clear prohibitions and strong penalties have long caused legal experts to consider it "a potent weapon in the fight against widespread and highly profitable illegal wildlife traffic." The new ban amends a long-standing wildlife trafficking statute, the Lacey Act, to prohibit the commerce of plants and derivative products -- including all timber and wood products -- that were illegally taken or traded. It will also increase transparency and focus law enforcement efforts by requiring importers to declare the species, country of origin, and other related information. 


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Internationales Seminar der Musikinstrumente (PDF German 14.5MB)

Bois d’ébène dans la construction d’instruments de musique (PDF French)
(Conférence présentée par Anne Houssay à Winterthur, 29.11.2010)