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Based upon the latest Sjöberg design, the Nordic Plus range gives you the workbench you need at a price you can afford. The top is hard Nordic birch and the bench is built for a long life with normal use. The Nordic Plus workbench can be used both right and left handed.
Bench dogs 19 mm (3/4”) x 4 as standard. Plastic coating to protect edge tools.

  1. Double row of dogs holes running from each vise location.
  2. Holdfast ST03 can be located in any of the dog holes on work top or in the holes on the front legs of the trestle.
  3. The sturdy trestles are made from Nordic pine. All three benches can also be fitted with the cupboard and drawers kit 0042.
  4. Powerful steel spindles and vises to with- up to 1300 kp force.
  5. You can use the vise in four positions.
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