Bernardel rosin violin/viola/cello

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Characteristics of Gustave Bernardel Rosin

  • Perfectly homogeneous, it does not stick neither does it turn into powder.
  • The attack of the string is very clear and precise. The sound is easy to produce and control.
  • Thanks to its specific treatments, Gustave BERNARDEL rosin is ideal for any kind of weather.
  • It has practical, yet solid packaging. It is first stuck to a small suede cloth that protects it and then it is put into a gold and blue pocket of beautiful quality.
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History of this rosin

Gustave BERNARDEL, famous French violin maker, invented his own recipe of rosin at the beginning of the XXth century. The secret was then transmitted to the Français family. Thanks to our close relationship with the Français family, we were offered, by the two brothers Jean and Jacques (very well-known luthiers in Paris and New-York) to continue the tradition. Our commitments were to keep using the same raw materials and manufacturing process to respect the authenticity and the exceptional quality of the rosin. The Gustave Bernardel rosin is now produced by CORELLI SAVAREZ in the same way: it is still handmade made, unit by unit. It is made of natural rosin from high quality selected pine trees, using the "galipot" (first sap of the tree). The components of the recipe are very strictly controlled.