Rasps Made in Italy by B&B Artigiana

The rasp is a tool of very ancient origins, used for roughing, scraping, sanding wood and hard materials. It is similar to the file but with coarser and sparser teeth. They are distinguished by the shape of the section (flat, half-round, cabinet, oval (crossing) and round) and by their size. The quality of a rasp mainly refers to the hardness of its steel and the quality of the teeth. The rasps proposed by us are all handmade and engraved with patience and skill. Their quality is unmatched on the market.

A family passion ... A union of forces with a long tradition ...

The experience and craftsmanship acquired in over twenty years in the production of high quality rasps entirely hand carved, the desire to continue a "great" family tradition based on the creation and production of unique tools. The company is the result of a true and profound passion and tradition transmitted by his father Sergio, who, with great commitment and devotion, dedicated his entire life to this work. Mauro Bassoli deals with all aspects of production: from the careful selection of the best steels up to the entire product transformation process, which includes the forging, annealing, grinding and manual toothing of the rasps - so as to make each piece unique and precious - hardening and sandblasting to arrive at an excellent finished product.

Professional and unique because they are handmade

Hand-engraved rasps, the precision of pitting, an art handed down, learned, studied and patented. A passion transmitted from the heart to the hands. The B&B produces special rasps for Cremona Tools with many more teeth than normal which guarantee a cleaner cut and a less ridged surface. Very tapered and thin at the tip, they allow the creation of artistic works in lutherie, cabinet making and model making. Hand processing, therefore the non-mechanical distribution of the teeth, ensures a clean work without the typical grooves of the industrial rasp. The care and attention that Mauro Bassoli places in their creation makes these rasps indispensable for artistic woodworking and inevitable in your laboratory.

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