The rediscovery of natural colors between history and innovation

The Laboratory Fantuzzi is headquartered in Cavallino (LE) Italy, where activity arises from a passionate research begun in 2005 on methods of production and application of vegetable dyes, in collaboration with the Museum of Natural Colors Lamoli (PU). During the research the Fantuzzi lab has collaborated to various projects of introduction of natural colors in the fashion and clothing industries in the Marche Region. Since 2011 the laboratory has specialized in handicraft production of the best known plant pigments, used in the history of painting and dyeing of fabrics and colors in preparation for Fine Arts and Restoration. In 2013 it enters the market with a first line of plant pigments products crafted by hand with a box of watercolors plant 100% natural, unique and produced in limited numbers.

  1. Fantuzzi 100% natural Dry Pigments
    Fantuzzi GR-6135

    Fantuzzi 100% natural Dry Pigments

    starting at: €11.39
  2. Box of plant watercolors in honey
    Fantuzzi 501458

    Box of plant watercolors in honey