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17 years after the birth of Cremona Tools and 15 years after commissioning of the first online site, we are excited to offer you a new and modern site where you can buy your tools and accessories safely. The idea for Cremona Tools was born out of our experience as violin makers and restorers as we want to satisfy the need of our customers to find quickly and easily all the tools and materials for violin and bow making with the maximum of quality and convenience. We are constantly updating our product line and services to fulfill all the specific needs of violin makers, bow makers, professional restorers to those of more general interest of wood working professionals and amateurs. For an always better service we are constantly looking for new products and are open to proposals and recommendations suggested by our expert colleagues. The shop offers only products that have been tried and tested by us or are of acknowledged quality or that have been used by users throughout the years. We also provide new and most interesting products and techniques to make them available to all of the community sharing experience and opinions through our website. Offer the maximum of quality to wood working enthusiast is one of our main reasons to get started with this business and therefore every comment and suggestion from you to help to improve our catalogue is more than welcome. If you are looking for any specific product please don´t hesitate to contact us. As for us we are committed to offer and to guarantee you an absolutely competitive quality-price relationship.

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I wish to thank our many friends and colleagues who have helped us directly and indirectly. Those who have given us product recommendations as well as those who encouraged and inspired us with their work. Particular and heartfelt thanks to Martin, Cristiana, Ida, Pietro and Stefania for the precious help they are giving me daily with your enthusiastic dedication.

Alessandro Tossani

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                                                                           Cristiana  -  Stefania -  Ida  -  Alessandro

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Cremona Tools SAS di Tossani Alessandro & C.
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Cremona Tools SAS di Tossani Alessandro & C.
Corso XX Settembre 39
26100 Cremona - Italy
Tel.: +39 0372 801808
Fax: +39 0372 801809

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Registration Chamber of Commerce of Cremona n.: 01601990193

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