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Shipping & Delivery

For each order made on www.cremonatools.com Cremona Tools will issue an invoice of the shipped articles. For the issuing of the invoice the information provided by the client will be used. The invoice can't be changed after being issued.

Shipping time
The estimated shipping time given in the order confirmation is significant. Consignments in various shipments are admitted. The place of consignment is indicated in the order confirmation. If one or several articles of the order are out of stock and not available within a short period of time we reserve the right to ship the partial order to accelerate the time of consignment. We reserve the right to proceed to the following partial shipment to complete the order that remains subject to the terms of payment. The costs of shipping are to be considered carriage free, billing the relative costs of consignment to the client as explicitly highlighted during the order process. The method of payment of the merchandise used by the client is chosen at the moment of the order. No further fee or commission has to be paid to Cremona Tools.

ATTENTION: in periods such as Christmas, Black Friday, summer, holiday bridges, etc. we cannot guarantee fast deliveries, please take into account when ordering, thank you

In the case of consignment with an express courier the courier will try to consign the merchandise without forewarning (If the shipment could not be consigned the courier will leave a written note). The courier will try again to deliver the consignment a second time within the following 24 working hours (leaving a second written note if the merchandise could not be consigned). After this procedure the merchandise will be stored at the courier's and Cremona Tools will be contacted. Cremona Tools has then to decide what the courier should do with it (after having contacted the addressee). In case the first attempted delivery leads to: Unknown recipient, refused, ect. no second delivery will be carried out but the procedure of storage at the courier's will be started.
The times of consignment of the ordered merchandise are as a rule within 30 days within the receiving of the payment; these can vary due to circumstances beyond one's control or due to general road conditions or due to actions of the authorities. The standard consignment if not otherwise agreed upon in written form arrives usually within the following hours: from 8.30 to 12.30; from 14.00 to 18.00 during weekdays from Monday to Friday. No responsibility can be ascribed to Cremona Tools in case of delay during the implementation of the order or during the consignment of the merchandise.
At the moment of the consignment of the merchandise by the courier the client has to check:

  • that the numbers of consigned packages coincides with the numbers of packages indicated on the invoice
  • that the packaging is undamaged, not wet or otherwise altered and that the sealing materials (adhesive tapes, metallic closures) are undamaged as well.

Possible damages or incongruent numbers of packets or given information have to be contested immediately to the courier that carries out the consignment writing "pick-up with reserve" on the provided shipping documents. This has to be confirmed within eight days via fax or certified mail with a return receipt.

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Even in the presence of intact packaging, the merchandise has to be checked within eight days from its receipt. Possible hidden incongruities have to be communicated in written form via fax or certified mail with a return receipt. Any report later than the given time limit will not be taken into consideration. For everything declared the client assumes the full responsibility. Once the document of the courier has been signed the client can't dispute the outer appearance of what has been consigned.

You can find further information about our terms of Returns here Returns or within our General terms and conditions .

The translation of this page to languages other than Italian are made only for the convenience of the client. In the case of controversial interpretation only the Italian text is valid.

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