cello Acura Preciso

The Acura Preciso series is our semi-professional line with unbeatable prices. The used woods are Stained Indian Ebony, Tintul (Tamarind) and Satinwood.

The pictures are intended only to present the products and there can be no assurance as to the exact match of the image depicted in the set that you will receive with regard to its actual size and/or aspects of color and grain of the wood and finishes. Having natural finishes, the color of the wood may be different in hue, brightness and colorfulness.

  1. Cello Tailpiece Preciso Ebony, 4 Titanium 226mm
  2. Cello Tailpiece Preciso, Ebony/Boxw, 4 Titanium , 226mm
  3. Cello Tailpiece Preciso w/o trim, hollow, ebony, 4 Titanium 236mm