Guitar Making

The guitar for its versatility fascinating have accompanied the humanity since the second half of the sixteenth century. Lightweight instrument of timbre clear and rich, perfect for accompanying the voice, in its many versions, the construction of the guitar fascinated many people and it is certainly the most popular instrument in the world. Here we offer a range of special items essential for its construction.

  1. Fret Cutter Hosco Deluxe
    Hosco 505624

    Fret Cutter Hosco Deluxe

  2. Fret Puller Hosco
    Hosco 505626

    Fret Puller Hosco

  3. Fretwire Nickel Silver Medium 500mm
    Hosco 546387

    Fretwire Nickel Silver Medium 500mm

  4. Precut Stainless steel Fretwire Medium setx24pcs
  5. Precut Nickel Silver Fretwire Jumbo setx24
  6. Dual Fret Scale Templates
    Cremona Tools GR-4825

    Dual Fret Scale Templates

    2 reviews
    starting at: €23.36
  7. Fret leveling file
    Hosco 505638

    Fret leveling file

  8. Fret Sanding/Polishing Rubbers
    Hosco GR-4851

    Fret Sanding/Polishing Rubbers

    starting at: €9.75
  9. Fret crown files

    Fret crown files

    starting at: €35.16
  10. Fret dressing files
    Hosco GR-4859

    Fret dressing files

    starting at: €38.44
  11. Guitar Edge-Cut Nut Files set of 10pcs
  12. Double edge guitar nut files

    Double edge guitar nut files

    7 reviews
    starting at: €77.79
  13. Bone Nut Blank
    Hosco 505643

    Bone Nut Blank

    3 reviews
  14. Bone Saddle Blank
    Hosco 505644

    Bone Saddle Blank

    1 review
  15. Saddle slot file

    Saddle slot file

    starting at: €14.67
  16. Fingerboard Radius Gauge
    Hosco 505655

    Fingerboard Radius Gauge

  17. Kovax self-adhesive sandpaper roll
    Hosco GR-4813

    Kovax self-adhesive sandpaper roll

    starting at: €5.74
  18. Costruzione della chitarra acustica, I. Sloane
    CremonaBooks 505798

    Costruzione della chitarra acustica, I. Sloane

    3 reviews