Shipping costs


For our shipments we rely on an agency that, depending on the shipping country, chooses the most convenient but above all the most reliable courier.
In the past we have worked with national post offices which are generally cheaper but we have too often received complaints from customers about delivery times and we have also had many cases of lost goods. This happened more frequently for overseas shipments. Hence the decision to rely on safer, even if more expensive, shippers. We always try to do our best to please the customer and improve our service, but unfortunately, working with many countries and with customers with the most diverse needs, it still happens that we are unable to satisfy everyone. The policy of our company is not to earn on the shipping costs that we invoice to the customer, therefore what is calculated on the site is the same amount that our forwarder charges us.
In order to lower shipping costs we should compensate for the difference by increasing the cost of the items as other retailers do, but we prefer not to do so in order not to generate inequality for customers.

Shipping costs
For some articles shipping charges have to be calculated before the purchase or on request. This is the case for some machinery, workbenches and generally heavy or delicate items for which we have to contact a shipper for a quote.

Shipping costs according to weight of merchandise
Shipping costs are calculated according the weight (actual weight or volumetric) of the merchandise and not according to the value of the merchandise.

ATTENTION: in periods such as Christmas, Black Friday, summer, holiday bridges, etc. we cannot guarantee fast deliveries, please take into account when ordering, thank you

Indicative delivery times
2-10 working days (plus the day of postage), depending on the country of destination and customs procedures.
These times may be subject to change for particular locations. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are not counted for calculating delivery times.

For particular destinations please contact our staff to get a quote.