Japanese Saws and Hacksaws

Cremona Tools offers a selected variety of saws and hacksaws for every need of cutting wood. In the catalog you will find Japanese saws, hacksaws, arches to contour and peghole saws.

The Japanese saws are saws cutting on the pull stroke: the cut takes place then with the blade in tension rather than compression and this allows to have thinner blades.
They differ mainly due to the position of the teeth and the presence or absence of a stiffening rib on the non cutting edge.

Japanese Saw Kataba
Kataba is a type of saw with teeth along only one edge. It is suitable for deep cuts, used for different types of processing and it is generally cheaper.

Ryoba Japanese saw
The particularity of the Ryoba saws are the two cutting edges. One cutting edge allows accurate and fast rip cutting, while teeth on the other side are designed for crosscutting.

Dozuki Japanese saw
The Dozuki blade is generally thinner than the other two Japanese saws and for this it needs a rigid back to ensure the right pressure on the blade and therefore allow a precise cut. Suitable for cutting softer woods.

  1. Dozuki Mini 120mm New!
    Takagi Japan 546802

    Dozuki Mini 120mm

  2. Dozuki Micro 50mm New!
    Takagi Japan 546803

    Dozuki Micro 50mm

  3. Ryoba Japanese saw, 210mm
    Takagi Japan 546997

    Ryoba Japanese saw, 210mm

  4. Kataba 225mm

    Kataba 225mm

    starting at: €13.61
  5. Ryoba 240mm

    Ryoba 240mm

    starting at: €15.41
  6. Dozuki Pullsaw Extra Fine Saw 270mm
    Takagi Japan GR-8364

    Dozuki Pullsaw Extra Fine Saw 270mm

    starting at: €13.03
  7. Dozuki Handiwork Japanese saws
    Handiwork GR-8351

    Dozuki Handiwork Japanese saws

    starting at: €9.59
  8. Kataba Pullsaw Fine Saw 300mm
    Takagi Japan 546372

    Kataba Pullsaw Fine Saw 300mm

  9. Kataba Razorsaw 180

    Kataba Razorsaw 180

    starting at: €16.31
  10. Dozuki Razorsaw 180
    Takagi Japan GR-7473

    Dozuki Razorsaw 180

    starting at: €16.31
  11. Dozuki Razorsaw 180
    Takagi Japan GR-7472

    Dozuki Razorsaw 180

    starting at: €16.31
  12. Ryoba Razorsaw 180

    Ryoba Razorsaw 180

    starting at: €17.95
  13. Kataba Restauro 120mm

    Kataba Restauro 120mm

  14. Ryoba Japanese saw, 180mm - bamboo handle
  15. Ryoba Japanese saw, 240mm

    Ryoba Japanese saw, 240mm

  16. Kataba Japanese saw 265mm - Ratan handle
  17. Dozuki Extra Fine Saw 0,40 mm blade 240mm
    Takagi Japan 503022

    Dozuki Extra Fine Saw 0,40 mm blade 240mm

  18. Ryoba Restauro 125mm, blade thickness 0.3 mm