Veritas® Apron Plane

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Veritas’ smallest plane weights only 420 g but is impressively solid. Ideal for cabinetmakers, instrument makers and restorers. Central setscrew for iron depth and lateral adjustment. Non-adjustable mouth. Pitch of the iron 12°, Bevel angle 25°. Results in a cutting angle of 37°.

Blade width 31 mm, Blade thickness 2.5 mm, Length 140 mm, 420 g.

PM-V11 steel is made from a new, powder metallurgy steel alloy. With its ultra-fine and homogeneous material structure and extreme hardness (HRC 61-63), this steel has double the edge-retention capacity of A2 steel, and the extremely hard-wearing blades allow a razor-sharp edge. The blades are highly durable even at a bevel angle of less than 20°. All blades come with a 2° microbevel and can be sharpened on conventional waterstones.

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501958 Veritas Apron Plane with PMV-11 Blade
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