Acura Maestro Set Hill Violin Boxwood/Boxwood

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  • made for high quality instruments that require top-of-the-line fittings
  • made only with high quality wood: natural ebony, European boxwood and rosewood
  • made with a high degree of precision
  • Pores double filled for a smoother finish and a stronger, more durable product
  • lightened tailpieces
  • European cork on chinrest and brackets
  • hypoallergenic titanium brackets
  • chinrest slimline model
  • 1 insight button and 1 solid button
  • 800 grit finish

This fittings set has the endpin that permit to check the position of the soundpost conveniently without remove the set-up of the instrument, but just removing the cap of the endpin. The Insight endpin does not need to be tapered as the diameter and taper are correct.