Acura Preciso Viola sets

The best quality woods used are Indian ebony, Tintul (tamarind) and Satin
  • look and finish as high quality fittings
  • for medium to high-end instruments
  • high quality design and precision
  • cork used on brackets and chinrest
  • 600 grain finishing
  • stainless steel brackets

The pictures have the sole purpose of presenting the products and there can be no guarantee as to the exact correspondence of the image depicted and the set you will receive regarding its real size and/or the chromatic and wood grain aspects and of the finishes. Having natural finishes, the color of the wood can be different in hue, tone, intensity and gradation.
  1. Acura Preciso Set Viola Hill ebony/ebony, Round Tp
  2. Acura Preciso Set Viola Hill ebony/boxwood, Round Tp
  3. Acura Preciso Set Viola Heart, ebony/boxwood
  4. Acura Preciso Set Viola Heart tintul/ebony
  5. Acura Preciso Set Viola Heart tintul/boxwood