The Despiau family, wood craftsmen since 1920. Three generations recognized for their high quality in wood manufacturing. Jean-Louis Despiau created the first bridge in 1984, after 10 years of research on acoustics, boosting the manufacturing to become CHEVALETS DESPIAU, one of today's world leaders in this exclusive market of high quality bridges for stringed instruments. Three of his children joined the company later on to take on the sales and marketing, quality and management roles. We offer a complete range of products, classical and baroque styles which will meet your highest expectations.All these are available in four different types of quality. The Despiau know-how is acknowledged and recognized by the world's leading experts, convinced by our quality requirements.

Quality: the bridges are available in four qualities of wood, two for high level instruments (A and B) and two for student level instruments (C and D). We apply precise and controlled selection criteria at all production stages.


Wood: The maple wood is rigorously selected and seasons naturally over several years. Our natural treatment makes the wood entirely stronger and darker inside and outside the bridge. After years of research and perfectioning our treatment is completely mastered.

Models: Discover the diversity of our models, characterized by harmonious and balanced curves, different heights of arches and hearts, always committed to meeting your expectations.

Wanting to expand the range with products that are useful, if you want to have other models and widths, we welcome your suggestions via email at [email protected] or fax at +39 0372 801809.

  1. Despiau Violin standard
    Despiau GR-4439

    Despiau Violin standard

    14 reviews
    starting at: €2.38
  2. Despiau Violin 3/4
    Despiau GR-4441

    Despiau Violin 3/4

    starting at: €5.57
  3. Despiau Violin baroque
    Despiau GR-4442

    Despiau Violin baroque

    starting at: €20.90
  4. Despiau Viola
    Despiau GR-4443

    Despiau Viola

    2 reviews
    starting at: €6.80
  5. Despiau Viola baroque
    Despiau GR-4446

    Despiau Viola baroque

    starting at: €22.87
  6. Despiau Cello French model
    Despiau GR-4450

    Despiau Cello French model

    1 review
    starting at: €14.75
  7. Despiau Cello Belgian model
    Despiau GR-4452

    Despiau Cello Belgian model

    1 review
    starting at: €14.75
  8. Despiau Doublebass
    Despiau GR-4447

    Despiau Doublebass

    1 review
    starting at: €46.64