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BARSA is a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina mostly focused on bridges made of the highest quality Bosnian maple that grows in Bosnia and Herzegovina at an altitude of 1200-1700m. The peculiarity of the Bosnian maple is that it gives the best sound to the instruments. The greatest advantage of Barsa bridges is the unbeatable quality of wood. In the process of preparing wood for processing, no additional chemicals are used, and the wood goes through an absolutely natural treatment.

De luxe quality is the top quality just below the new SUPER DELUXE made with rare wood. De luxe quality has anyway the better quality wood compared with other brands.

Cremona Tools currently offer also the SUPER DELUXE class for violin bridges, they are a special quality of bridges that is rarely seen, which is why the quantity of these bridges is limited.

  • rare wood
  • unique quality
  • unique rays
  • limited quantities
Sku Product Name Qty
546139 Barsa Violin Bridge De Luxe 41,5mm
546140 Barsa Violin Bridge Super De Luxe 41,5mm
546659 Barsa Viola Bridge Super De Luxe 46mm
546660 Barsa Viola Bridge Super De Luxe 48mm
546662 Barsa Cello Bridge France Super De Luxe 92mm
546661 Barsa Cello Bridge Belgium Super De Luxe 92mm
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