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Lactic casein appears as a straw-colored powder, slightly soluble in water. It is instead soluble in basic reaction salts or in alkalis, with which ammonium caseinate and calcium caseinate are obtained, a very tenacious glue with a strong adhesive power which is irreversible after a short time and resistant to water. In violin making it is used for the preparation of glue (see details below) or as a protein insulator ground, both for the inside and outside. The dilution ratio in the latter case is generally around 1:20 and a concentration by weight around 5% of dry substance, but there are many usable ratios and each violin maker experiments until he finds the one he prefers.

Please read the material safety data sheet (MSDS)
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Turco A. recipe for preparing casein glue

  • Water 2 litres
  • Lactic casein 400 gr
  • Leave to macerate for a few hours
  • Add 100-150 g of ammonia and stir, possibly heating in a bain-marie. Filter and place in a closed jar.
  • Separately prepare a 10% calcium (or magnesium) hydroxide solution, i.e. milk of lime
  • Combine the two solutions in a 2:1 ratio at the time of use

Note: In preparations it may be useful to heat the water slightly; however, it must never be heated above 80° C, the temperature at which a clot begins to form.

To know more: Turco A. “Coloritura, verniciatura e laccatura del legno" (Coloring, varnishing and lacquering of wood), 1995, Ed. Hoepli, Milano

Care should be taken when working with casein since it is an irritant and can cause dermatitis.

We assume no liability for the processing instructions described above. In any case, we recommend the production and evaluation of sample surfaces.