Damar 100gr

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Damar is a pale yellowish, very brittle resin found in Southeast Asia.

The name is Malay and means "resin" or "flashlight" (flashlights made from Damar are very good because they do not drip). Damar is made from plants belonging to the Diptocarpaceae family and is obtained by cutting deep into trees so that the resin leaks out and accumulates.
Damar contains about 40 percent alcohol-soluble resin (alpha-resin), about 22 percent resin that is not soluble in alcohol (beta-resin), about 23 percent dammarol acid, and 2.5 percent water.
The slight odor is obtained from the small amount of essential oils.
Harder than rosin/colophony it begins to soften at about 90°C and melts at about 180°C, only partially soluble in alcohol and ether, and is well dissolved in essence of turpentine (best double-rectified) and petroleum ether, and because of its characteristic clarity, durability and low tendency to yellow, it is widely used as a spirit varnish and in addition to other resins in varnishes in violin making.
Used in oil painting as an additive or thinner to speed drying time.
When stored in dark bottles, Damar solution is more stable even under the influence of light.