Fret Sanding/Polishing Rubbers

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grit 150: Easy and fast final sanding tool. After the fret beveling job with files, you can save time with this unique rubber. Works for sanding fret bevel smoothly. Easy and quick job!
The size is 65 x 18 x 9mm, 2pcs per set

other grits: Easy and fast fret polishing tools These rubbers are useful to erase rust or sanding marks which happens after fret leveling work or sanding frets by files or sanding paper. 3 different grits available. You can choose them depending on the scratch size. Normally one starts using FPR180, FPR400 and then FPR1000. You can cut the FPR rubbers by knife as you like for an easier job. FPR is very soft, so it doesn’t damage the fingerboard. But to keep the fingerboard clean, we recommend to put masking tape on it. If you clean scratches on the frets, please use from FPR180 and step up to FPR1000. After polishing, the frets are shiny!
The size is 65 x 18 x 9mm. 2pcs per set.

Sku Product Name Qty
505862 Fret sanding rubber, 150grit 2pcs blue
505639 Fret polishing rubber, 180grit 2pcs blue
505640 Fret polishing rubber, 400grit 2pcs red
505860 Fret polishing rubber, 1000grit 2pcs yellow