Herdim Repair Clamp, Jaw Depth 90 mm

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Herdim Repair Clamps
Made in Europe

These clamps feature all requirements for repair clamps used on fine and fragile structures: High stiffness versus low weight - especially of the clamps with large jaw openings. These two contradictory requirements are nicely combined with this Herdim achievement. Unique strutted design fulfills these requirements the best. The lower pad is adjustable in height and thus enhances the scope of application. It features an optional self-adhesive rubber cork padding, while the movable parts use the traditional rubber coated movable plate and a precise brass spindle with knurled handle. Steel body with black anodized coating. To protect varnished surfaces, special silicone pads are available as accessories.

  • Very stiff, low weight
  • Adjustable lower pad, rubber cork padding available as accessory
  • Precise action
  • Material Steel
  • Jaw depth 90 mm
  • Jaw opening 28 mm
  • Weight 50 g
  • Silicone protective pad diameter 15 mm
  • Jaws 12 mm