Titebond® Glue Original 237ml

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Titebond® Original 8oz. (237 ml.)

For strong bonds in wood, laminates, particleboard, leather, horn, bone, mother-of-pearl, cloth and most other porous materials. For interior use. It provides strong initial tack and short setting time. The resulting bond is usually stronger than the wood itself, resistant to most solvents, unaffected by varnishes and easy to sand. Excess glue can be cleaned up with water. Toxin and solvent-free. Assembly time after glue application is approximately 5 minutes. The dried film is yellowish and translucent.

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Technical Notes: Aliphatic resin emulsion. 3,600 PSI bonding strength on maple, in accordance with the US ASTM D-905 norm. Application temperature 10 - 30° C. Clamping time 30 - 60 minutes. Attains maximum hardness after 24 hours. Can be thinned with 5% water. Storage life of 12 months.

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