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For the best contemporary violin makers Kivun Kal is the best peg paste ever produced and on the market today. Produced with natural ingredients and optimized after years of testing by luthier Amar Avraham, it is today used by the best violin makers in the world and in the best restoration workshops.

Available in two different formulations:
  • "Mezzo" for both musicians and violin makers is the ideal paste for periodic use at every change of strings or when the need arises. It guarantees excellent grip and controlled slip even in adverse weather conditions. The "Mezzo" is ideal for well-maintained instruments that require a more performing paste than commercial ones.
  • "Forte" it is the ideal paste for violin makers and is used as the "first" paste when installing pegs on new holes and with wood that has not yet been impregnated. This paste saturates the pores of the wood and creates a smooth, durable layer around the hole. After this phase, the "Mezzo" is used to maintain the correct lubrication over time. The "Forte" is also ideal for rental instruments and poorly set-up instruments because it fills and "restores" the inside of the peg holes that are poorly made or in poor condition.
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Getting to the pertect sound is an on-going journey. Every little thing matters. The material from which your instrument was built, the bridge, the strings, the weight of the tailpiece, the bow and, of course, you. However, with frequent changes in weather and humidity conditions the wood continuously expands and contracts and the pegs might slip in the most inconvenient and unexpected moments.

Most peg pastes address dealing with stiff peg motion and apply lubrication, allowing pegs to uncontrollably slip. Kivun Kal is different. It balances smoothing peg motion with keeping them in place so you can trust your instrument anywhere. Anytime.

Amar Avraham has been a violin maker and restorer for over 30 years. Many violinists have come to Amar Avraham over the years for advice about pegs that were either too stiff or too loose as none of the existing peg pastes exhibited the necessary balance. It has been a pet project of Amar Avraham for years, trying and playing around with different compounds.
Kivun Kal is the fruit of these efforts and will allow you to get to your desired sound and keep it there, come what may.